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Alma Grinston

Posted on July 20 2020

Start Today

“Dear friend, you are being faithful to God when you care for the traveling teachers who pass through, even though they are strangers to you.” 3 John 1:5

Today’s Encouragement: Today, we know traveling teachers as missionaries. People who volunteers their time, effort, and money to spend time with those who are less fortunate. People who rise by lifting others. Often time is dedicated to helping build homes, prepare meals, or build relationships with those who may not know God.

There are many practical ways you can support missionaries. We can powerfully pray, not just short or last-thought prayers, but prayers that comes from the heart. They need to be prayed for as sons and daughters on the front-lines of battle fields. We can give gifts or helping hand that have a passion for God and the nation. Most importantly, we can let them know that they are valued and remembered.

We must always keep in mind that there is an incredible value in being of service of others. We may not be able to be missionaries, but we can always support those who do sacrifice their lives to help better the lives of many others. Remember that we can do so little alone but together, we can do so much more. So start where you are today! Use what you have and do what you can to support missionaries.

Prayer: Dear God, thank You for the people who are willing to sacrifice their time, share what they have to those in need, and help in building relationships with You. Please guide them in their journey and give them enough strength to spread your word and help others. In Jesus' name and by his power I ask it. Amen.

Reflect: Do you know anyone on a missionary? How can you support and encourage them?

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