Live in His Presence

Alma Grinston

Posted on September 20 2020

Live in His Presence

If you cling to your life, you will lose it; but if you give but if you give up your life to me, you will find it. - Matthew 10:39

Today's Encouragement: The emphasis here is not on losing your life and all of your possessions, but rather on turning your focus away from those possessions. We sometimes lose sight of the important things in life such as strengthening the bond with your parents or mending wounds with friends. Maybe it has been a long time since you shared a special moment with your brothers or sisters. We become so busy in life that our priorities can be flipped upside down. We must change our way of thinking and prioritize in a healthy and Godly way by putting God, our spouse and family first. 


This verse reminds us that we should not focus too much on materialistic things, but focus on God's presence and His blessings. Focus on our families and loved ones. take time to talk to the ones you cared about. Always give time to the things you cared about the most. 


Prayer:  A Prayer Of Thankfulness For God's Love

Is it possible, O God, possible that you can love such as I?

Yet I know it is true. If I allowed myself to doubt your love, all would be lost.

Thank you, God, thank you for loving me. Help me never to betray such wonderful love.


Reflection: Are you willing to give everything to God? How do you plan to Connect with God's presence?

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