From the Beginning

Alma Grinston

Posted on August 03 2020

From the Beginning

"This is the message you have heard from the beginning: We should love one another." -1 John 3:11

Today’s encouragement: Why does the apostle John repeated that we must love one another even though we have heard it from the beginning? It’s because of the importance of the message. Other things get in the way, our minds get distracted, our selfish desires begin to overwhelm us.

The message here instructs us as to our duty one to another. As Jerome said, “Little children, love one another.” He tells us how he remarked. “It is the Lord’s command, and if this is done, it is enough.” What is here stated, then, is that the manifestation of the character of Christ in the believer is the outcome of receiving the word of God. The gospel not only saves men but unites them to Christ and this produces in them that love which is essential in His character, was manifested by Him, embraces all the other qualities of the fruit of the spirit, and fulfills the law of God. (Collected Writings)

Perhaps this is a message that fades over time and we need to remind ourselves over and over to love others more. Always remember that when in doubt, let love be your default setting.

Prayer: Lord, help me to love like You. Help me to view everyone as Your children and teach me ways to be intentional about those You’ve placed in my life. Use me to love people and teach me how to pray for them even when I’m hurt. Thank You, Lord, for using me as a vessel to share Your heart. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Reflection: Is there someone you are angry at today? If so, how can you show them your love, even though you are frustrated?

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