Bigger Plans

Alma Grinston

Posted on August 31 2020

Bigger Plans

He renews my strength. He guides me along right paths, bringing honor to his name. Psalm 23:3

Today’s Encouragement: We tend to become sad or frustrated when we receive bad news. Always remember that God wants us to appreciate life even when we’re going through tough situations. These wonderful words have not lost any of their deep impact in the difficult times everyone is facing today. Rather, as we meditate on these simple truths, we discover their significance is magnified and multiplied, for it is as we reflect upon these comforting words that we find the beloved face of Jesus, who has become our own good shepherd. And He continues to lead each one of us into the way of everlasting grace and peace, righteousness, and love.

Like many wonderful promises throughout Scripture, these beautiful words, which have comforted countless number of believers, assure us that restoration, guidance, protection, and peace is His promise of love to us all, for He restores our soul and He leads all His children in the way of goodness and peace. And He does this for our eternal benefit and for the honor and glory of His holy name.

So next time you’re in one of those situations whether you did not pass that admissions test, you’re out of work, or things just aren’t falling into place, remember that God has a bigger plan for you. He doesn’t want you to settle with something safe because He is trying to stretch your Faith.

PRAY: Father, I pray for to be complete in faith through my actions. I ask You to equip me to trust and be obedient with what You have entrusted in my hands. Show me the way to go and bless me with each step I take. In Jesus Christ’s Name, I pray, Amen.

Reflection: Can you promise to have faith and trust God?

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